Dance of the Dragonfly by Benartex

Dance of the Dragonfly by Benartex is a stunning fabric collection.

With its exquisite design, opulent colors and delicate gold accents, Dance of the Dragonfly is a fabric classic. The printing on this fabric is superb with depth of colour highlighted by very fine gold accents – so difficult to achieve!

Designs within the collection include dragonflies flitting amongst waterlilies, or flying in a night sky filled with stars. Together with a closeup of intricate dragonfly wings, an abstract water stripe and a unique geo print created by dragonflies wing to wing, Dance of the Dragonfly is a truly stunning range of fabric.

Available in two luscious colourways, blue/green and gold/purple, the quality of this fabric makes it a pleasure to sew.

For a free quilt pattern using fabric from this collection, please click the link below.

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